Frequently Asked Questions

You said I don't need a password, so why is it asking for one?This is a Xoom chat room and you may be trying to use a nickname that is registered and password protected by a Xoom member. If that is the case, you have two options:

1. Try adding a number behind your nickname. Instead of "chatterbox", try using "chatterbox23".

2. Choose another nickname. Once you have found a nickname that you like you may go to Xoom and join to reserve that nickname. But NOW you WILL need a password, so be sure it is one you can remember easily.
I tried to enter the chat room but all I got was a grey box.

I got a message 'Sorry your browser is not Java enabled'
You need to use a web browser that is Java enabled in order to use ParaChat.

If you use Internet Explorer (IE) look at your tool bar (mine is on top). Put your cursor on Tools, then click on Internet Options, this will pull up a page with more headings at the top. Click on the one that says Advanced, then scroll down to Java VM, and make sure that each box is checked. Then turn off your computer and restart it.

If you use Netscape Communicator, look at your toolbox and put your cursor on Communicator then scroll to Tools, then scroll to Java Console and press your enter button. Then turn off your computer and restart it. You should be all set.

I'm sorry, but this chat room does not work with Web TV.

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